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8 Videos of the Most Annoying Drones

As retail drone equipment becomes cheaper and more widely available to consumers, it goes without saying that we’re on our way to seeing more quadcopters in the service of knucklehead pilots in the process. We have the videos to prove it.

Sometimes bands will request that you don’t take pictures of them playing little club gig. Take it for granted that they don’t want your quadcopter there, either, or they might take matters into their own hands. You’ve been warned.

Those fences at the zoo? They’re there to give the animals space. Back off.

This seems like it was avoidable…

You can never trust a drone. Even if you just wanted to try to make the family quadcopter a part of the team, it’ll return the favour by slicing open your fingers, fracturing your hand, and stealing the show.

Is nothing sacred? These days a gal can’t even get her tan on without some sweaty palmed pervert flying one of these things overhead.

Usually what qualifies as an annoying drone is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the beholder has more to lose from a potentially incriminating drone video. You might want to exercise caution around this…

…and maybe don’t interrupt the guys working hard at extinguishing some poor soul’s home-gutting inferno…

And just in case you’ve watched all of these and you’re still thinking about flying your drone over someone else’s private property, please know that some people don’t like that, have guns, and they’re organized.

(Photo by Lima Pix via Flickr)

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