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8 ways to save money holiday shopping

You don’t need to break your bank account to find the perfect seasonal gift this year. Even though the tab can rack up pretty quickly at holiday time, there are still tons of ways to save some cash during the most expensive time of the year.

Check out these eight ways to save money while shopping this holiday season.

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Focus on the Sentimental

You don’t need to buy an expensive gift to give someone all of the feels, all you need to do is get (or make) them something with sentimental value. From creative family trees to original poems, or unique sketches to posters from a special concert, there are tons of ways to save while ensuring your gifts bring on the tears this holiday season.


Visit a Pawnbroker

Head to a pawnbroker for your holiday needs and you’ll be able to get pricey gifts for a bargain. Pawnbrokers sell everything from cell phones to musical instruments, so you’ll be able to cross everyone off your list in just one stop. If your holiday budget is extra tight, you can always bring in jewelry and other goods you’re looking to sell to make some money back this holiday season.

Make a trade on Bunz

Founded back in the summer of 2013, Bunz originated as a secret Facebook group to trade items with friends in Toronto until it began to explode across the city and got turned into an app. You can search and browse through thousands of items available for trade in Toronto from old records to quirky furniture. You don’t need to use any money whatsoever on Bunz, all you need to do is find something you’re looking to get rid of and trade it for another item you might want to give someone as a gift.

Browse on Kijiji

There’s no shame in the Kijiji game. Using the online bartering service is a great way to get gifts on the cheap. From bargaining for a lower price to offering trades, there are tons of ways to find the best deals around on Kijiji, and the items range from well loved pieces to products that are essentially fresh out of the box.

Get a Groupon

Sometimes the best gift is an experience you can share, and what better way to save on an activity than with Groupon? With tons of deals on thousands of events, activities, goods, and services, you can’t lose with these online coupons. From wine crafting experiences to Niagara Falls getaways, there are amazing deals for most activities across the city.

Brave Black Friday

Even though Black Friday is more widely celebrated in the United States, there will still be tons of great deals on November 23rd, when stores across the nation will be putting up huge discounts in honour of the penny saving holiday. If you’re willing to brave the crowds, make sure to figure out exactly what you’re looking for before you hit the sure to be crowded stores.


Skip the Crowds and Online Shop on Cyber Monday

If you’re not into fighting the crowds to get a place in line, maybe you should consider Cyber Monday, which will take place on November 26th. You can still get tons of great deals from the comfort of your own home as you curl up in your pyjamas and browse through hundreds of online retailers that will be offering hourly discounts and coupon codes.

Compare Prices, Track Trends, and Hunt for Coupons

Tons of great apps or browser extensions offer all three of these abilities in one. Check out products like Honey, which is a free browser extension that automatically applies the best available coupon code at checkout when you’re online shopping. They also offer a Price History tool to look at trends and make sure you’re buying a product at the best possible time and lowest possible price.

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