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8 zines you have to start reading

Zines have been quickly on the rise, and you need to get on the zine train ASAP!

It can be tough to figure out where to start, as zines are amalgamations of photography, art, writing, and more, and can vary pretty widely when it comes to themes. From music-themed zines to zines about beds, we’ve found tons of places for you to kick off your zine adventure!

Check out eight zines you have to start reading below.

Record Culture Magazine

A great one for music lovers, Record Culture Magazine discusses and documents the culture surrounding music. It is a bi-annual publication packed with photographs, interviews, and articles that highlight music subcultures from around the world, and looks at how those subcultures interact with art, fashion, and culture.

La Liga

La Liga is an up-and-coming online zine that comes packed with rare interviews with emerging artists, radio DJs, art collectives, meme-makers, and more! The zine focuses on showcasing people with Latinx cultural identities, and plenty of their articles even have Spanish versions. Some of the artists they’ve interviewed include Latina Rebels’ Nazly Sobhi Damasio and Instagram artist @gothshakira.

Bedspread Zine

Bedspread Zine is a collection of photographs of beds curated by Bristol photographer Jennifer Lo. This zine comes packed with sleepy, intimate photos of bedrooms from photographers around the world, and they truly show the intimacy and impactfulness of beds, aiming to “open a dialogue around universal human experiences including joy, sadness, mental health, sexuality, love and loss.”

Gut Feelings Zine

Gut Feelings Zine is probably one of the most raw zines out there. Created by Sarah Crowder and Sophie Ioannou, Gut Feelings is a bi-monthly illustrated zine packed with interviews, drawings, recipes, and stories. From food to travel to music, this zine has a little bit of everything.

The Messy Heads

The Messy Heads is both an online and print zine that moves beyond the bounds of genres for a unique hub of creativity. They deliver 380-page magazines and 23-track CDs packed with unique takes on photography, visual art, and music. This one will definitely leave you feeling inspired!


Los Angeles-based DUM DUM Zine publishes a variety of art forms, from poetry to visual art, both online and in print. On top of releasing a yearly print issue, DUM DUM Zine regularly publishes web features, from flash fiction to photo essays, and even radio plays.

Aint-Bad Magazine

Aint-Bad is an independent publisher of photographic art that publishes beautiful, elaborate contemporary photography and text. The magazine isn’t limited to print, as it also features web features, monographs, and exhibitions. Aint-Bad prides themselves on revealing “an ever-more urgent, critical conversation about the human condition by way of thought-provoking imagery.”

Polyester Zine

Polyester Zine is a colourful London-based zine that is “a celebration of all things trash, kitsch and camp,” according to the website. The Ione Gamble-created zine is delivered both online and in print, and it collects work that highlights intersectional feminist fashion.
Lead photo courtesy of Flaxman Library on Flickr.

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