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9 Enchanting Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

9 Enchanting Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

When it comes to travelling Greece, there are so many incredible islands you’ve likely never heard of. Read on to explore some of the Greek Islands that don’t get as much attention in the media.

Because of this, you may enjoy them even more!

1. Pyrgi, Chios

Greek islands
Image: @bestgreecepictures on Instagram

This small village on the island of Chios is an architectural dream come true. Known often as “the painted village” this town’s buildings feature painted walls with geometrics and murals that make it beautiful and distinct.

This village is one-of-a-kind and we’re thinking it will rise in popularity in the coming years.

2. Alonissos

Greek islands
Image: @alonissos_island on Instagram

This island is covered in a rugged green landscape that will take your breath away. It’s a perfect spot for eco-friendly travellers and adventurers, and is home to the National Marine Park of Alonissos.

3. Symi

Greek islands
Image: @nikos_chatzpetros on Instagram

Symi feels like it’s made of local charm.

Part of the Dodecanese Islands, this one in particular puts on a festival between July and September that makes it worth going to. Check out this island and you’ll enjoy parades, food events, open-air music, ceremonies and dancing.

4. Amorgos

Greek islands
Image: @curimundoficial on Instagram

While it sounds like a location in some nerd movie, this location is not just for geeks.

The easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades, Amorgos is home to the Monastery of Hozoviotissa. This religious edifice was built into a cliff in the 11th century. Views from the monastery overlook a glittering blue sea, and the history of this spot will blow you away.

5. Schinoussa

Greek islands
Image: @Schinoussa_Island on Instagram

The translation of this spot = “Island of the Sun” so that’s always a good thing to consider when checking out Greek Islands.

It’s known as a nature sanctuary and features many local plant species and birds. It’s a tiny island, barely more than three square miles. But its size does not indicate the fun you will have there.

Add this to your list of Greek Islands for some major character and enjoyment!

6. Lipsi

Greek islands
Image: @matsourisv on Instagram

This small, tranquil paradise is the perfect getaway in Greece.

The tiny island is just under five miles long, and is located in a small group of islands near Patmos. It’s famous for producing incredible local products like thyme honey, wine, and cheese. It also offers a gorgeous coastline and churches with monasteries for a hint of history in your trip.

7. Milos

Greek islands
Image: @extramilers on Instagram

This is the island for all you beach lovers out there!

Milos, also referred to as Mylos, is part of the Cyclades group, and has more than 70 beaches! Many of them are tucked away in coves or between cliffs for optimal privacy and photograph opportunities.

The pure white sand and incredible views from this island will blow you away.

8. Ammouliani

Greek islands

There are two prongs in the Halkidiki Peninsula, and between them sits this gorgeous island. You’ll find rustic flavour here, with powdery white sand beaches. It’s relatively unknown to tourists, so most visitors to the island are Greek.

Because of this, the island has retained an authentic atmosphere that’s reminiscent of old time Greece. The beaches here are incredible, and locals swear that if you visit you need to try the clams!

9. Antiparos

Greek islands
Image: @soniacompagnonphotography on Instagram

There’s an island you may have heard of called Paros. Lying opposite its location is the smaller and more peaceful island of Antiparos. Not that it has anything against its more popular neighbour.

It’s just a quiet little haven away from the tourism and the busy-ness of some of the other Greek Islands. The island is also popular with celebrities. It’s a perfect holiday destination for solo travellers, sun seekers, and those who just love the quiet.

Have fun exploring Greece!

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