9 Free Music Apps For Discovering Music

Music Apps You Have to Download

If you love alternative rock music, you’re constantly on the search for the best new music. While we’ve got you covered with the latest tracks at 88.1 FM, there are lots of ways to stay in the know in the indie music world, and guess what – it’s as simple as downloading free apps on your phone!

To all the music-lovers out there who don’t want to miss a beat, check out the 9 best apps for discovering indie music below:



Out and about and hear a tune you love but don’t know the name of? Just download this app (if you don’t already have it) press the button and SHAZAM! The name of the track, the artist and album cover will pop up right before your very eyes. Best of all? Shazam gives you the option to sync with iTunes and create a playlist of all the songs you’ve looked up.



Wondering what your favourite bands are doing and when they’re going on tour? Bandsintown will sync with all the artists in your iTunes (or search and add them yourself in Bandsintown!) and will tell you who’s coming to town in your area. All the bands you love, with tour dates all over the world, in one little app.



If you’ve got an ear for great music or just love to listen to sweet playlists, than this is the app for you! 8Tracks is a hub for people who love to make and listen to home-made playlists. Create an account and become a DJ or explore all kinds of awesome new tunes. (Psst, check out the playlist “99 Songs to Make Your Homework Awesome”)



Last and most definitely not least, if it’s not already on your cell, you’ve got to download the Indie88 app! Stream 88.1 FM anytime anywhere, be the first to know about concert ticket giveaways and (hopefully) be the 8th caller/winner – we’re rooting for you! With this sweet app, you can explore the latest news and be in the know with all things indie.


Spotify serves as one of the best streaming services there is, download the app and get access to millions of songs, albums, playlists, videos and more for free! Or pay a small monthly fee for Spotify Premium, but lets be honest, you probably want to discover tunes for free.



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Soundcloud is the ultimate source for distributing original content and sound! Launch your music career via the app by uploading your own music, or discover emerging artists all over the world! This app is a must-have.



Where else are you going to go to find the latest music videos by your beloved favourite bands? Us of course, but it doesn’t hurt to go straight to the source.
Plus, there are tons of channels that are all about new tracks. On top of that, Youtube Music (a soon-to-be streaming service) is coming to Canada!



What once was “Songza” has transitioned into Google Play Music, and it’s still pretty awesome. This streaming service can be downloaded on your phone for free, and gives you access to a ton of great tunes and playlists!


Radioplayer Canada

With over 500 Canadian radio stations at the tip of your fingers, Radioplayer Canada is the app every Canadian should have on their phone! And hey, it’s another way you can listen to Indie88 any time!

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash