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9 Hilarious Moments From HBO’s Silicon Valley Season 1

HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley is back for a second season, starting this Sunday, April 12 at 10pm. The show follows Richard Hendricks, played by Thomas Middleditch, and his three hoodie-wearing, geeky friends as they try to build a startup. It’s got intelligent humour, stupid humour, and just plain bad luck humour all rolled into one. The characters feel like real people in your life, and that’s probably because it’s partially inspired by the creator, Mike Judge, and his experience as an engineer in the famous California tech city in the late ’80s. Some characters are also based on now-billionaires like investor Peter Thiel and Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff.

We’re not the only ones who think the show is worth your time – season one earned five Emmy nods in 2014, including best comedy series and best writing and directing for a comedy. It also stars Zach Woods, aka Gabe from the later seasons of The Office. Not sold yet? Check out some of the best and funniest moments from season one below:

The guys create a jerk time algorithm

And then, right before a big presentation, Erlich talks about it – with a black eye

Erlich beats up Church Candy Kid for selling fake Adderall

Dinesh falls for Gilfoyle’s code

How to make the company succeed

Jared wants the company to pivot

Take the sale money or take the investment in the company? Richard gets advice from his doctor

A general overview of programmers

Gilfoyle explains his role

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