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9 Toronto raccoon moments to remind you that trash pandas run this city

It’s about time we face it: raccoons run this city.

From stealing breakfast from Toronto homes to infultrating Tim Hortons, these little trash pandas just get gutsier and gutsier.

Check out 9 of the most ridiculous Toronto raccoon moments below.

The raccoon stuck in the Pearson Airport ceiling


In May of 2017, during baggage claim at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, some travellers had an extra friend to help them find their luggage. A baby raccoon was seen above in an open ceiling tile taking a gander at the pedestrians below. It was seemingly plotting how to steal luggage without being noticed.

When Toronto raccoons had their very own Jeopardy moment


In October of 2017, one of Toronto’s most famous came up as an answer during an episode of Jeopardy. No, it wasn’t Drake, Mike Myers, or Auston Matthews. It was those little pests that get into our garbage and tear up yards… raccoons.

The giant raccoon

It’s no surprise that Toronto has a raccoon problem, so much so that the cute little green bin looters have become synonymous with the city. In November of 2017, it seemed that the problem got…bigger…literally. A Redditor posted a photo of a raccoon they caught in their Toronto backyard, and it’s HUGE.

The stealthy raccoon that ate breakfast in a Toronto home


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Everyone knows raccoons are basically little burglars, but this ultra-sneaky little guy broke into a local home, ate their english muffins, and refused to leave in September of 2018. Toronto-based wedding planner Jenny Serwylo, had her kitchen raided by three masked thieves. Serwylo shared her horrific tale on both Reddit and Instagram and even included some photos of the crafty criminal.

The raccoon that took a TTC escalator the wrong way

Saw this guy get on the subway without paying from r/toronto

Toronto was named the “Raccoon Capital of the World” by NPR after several outrageous incidents, including in 2018, when one of our very own trash pandas snuck into a subway station after climbing down an escalator that was going in the opposite direction. A Redditor posted a video of the furry thief as he managed to make it smoothly down an escalator that was going up.

The countless raccoons that have caused TTC delays


What’s more Toronto than a TTC issue caused by a trash panda? Raccoons are definitely no strangers to the transit system in Toronto, but in November of 2018, a raccoon delaying the TTC was about as true to Toronto as it gets. Northbound trains between Eglinton and Finch were delayed along Line 1 when a small, furry bandit decided to stroll onto the tracks. It ended up taking about 45 minutes for TTC staff to remove the raccoon and for regular service to start back up.

The record shopping raccoon


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In June of 2019 we got yet another Toronto trash panda tale. The mischievous raccoons in the city were back at it again after one music-loving animal was spotted sifting through the vinyl at Kops Records, located at 299 Queen Street West, on Thursday. A brief clip from Kelly Robson shows the raccoon peaking out from a Willie Nelson album from inside the store before he eventually retreats back into the aisles of vinyl.

The raccoon that attempted to escape 2020 by climbing a crane


One Toronto raccoon had enough of 2020, and it scaled a crane at Peter and Adelaide streets on Monday before attracting a crowd and earning the nickname “crane raccoon.” The City of Toronto confirmed it had spoken to the Toronto Wildlife Centre, and that the raccoon was best left to find its own way down as a rescue attempt may scare it and cause it to fall from the crane. “Raccoons are expert climbers, and this isn’t the first time a raccoon has made its way up a crane. A trap has been set inside the operator cab and it will be well looked after when it finally gets bored of the view,” Toronto chief communications officer Brad Ross said via Twitter.

The Tim Hortons Pandemic Raccoon

Back in October, a photo of a raccoon sneaking behind the counter at Tim Hortons had surfaced on Reddit, and it shows the masked bandit refusing to wear a mask. Posted by user finance_student with the caption “Tim’s employee refuses to wear mask on the job,” the photo shows the trash panda sneaking into a cupboard as an employee (properly following mask-wearing procedures, might I add) stares at the animal in confusion, calling someone.

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