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9 Toronto Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants You Need to Visit

We’re lucky enough to live in a city that caters to a diverse taste in food — whether you’re a vegan or vegetarian, a spice-lover, a meat-eater, or a dessert-appreciator, Toronto has you covered.

Check out our list of the best vegetarian and vegan spots in the city below.


Famous for their “vegan Big Mac,” Doomie’s is a vegan restaurant nestled in Parkdale. Their food is consistently up for debate between meat eaters and non-meat eaters, mainly because their menu is loaded with items like crispy chicken sandwiches and pulled pork burgers. If you’re down for some good ol’ greasy comfort food, bring a non-veg friend and let the taste test begin.


The Hogtown Vegan

The Hogtown Vegan is known for re-creating some very not vegan-friendly dishes in a very animal-friendly way. Whether it’s the UnChicken and Waffles or the Hogtown Burger – this place will have you saying “I can’t believe it’s not meat!”



If you only visit Bloomer’s for one reason, let it be the donuts. This vegan spot serves up delicious, homemade pastries that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Their menu is pretty decent too — tempeh reuben, tofu club, and kimchi fries are just some of the meals you can find here.


Vegetarian Haven

Vegetarian Haven specializes in serving Asian-inspired cuisine served with vegan meat alternatives that taste like, well, meat. It’s a great solution for someone who’s looking to try something a little different without straying from their vegetarian roots.



Summer isn’t over just yet — there’s still roughly a month left of solid patio season. Hibiscus is known for its cozy atmosphere, including a quaint and lovely patio. Savory crepes and non-dairy ice cream are just some of the many treats you’ll find on their menu.



Annapurna offers both vegetarian and vegan options that mainly include South Indian inspired dishes. This place also happens to be one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in the city — it was first established in 1974 and originally located on Pears Ave.



This Kensington spot is well-established in Toronto as a solid choice for authentic Chinese cuisine. The only difference here is that every meal is served with mock meats and made to please the vegetarian palate.


The Goods

This organic restaurant boasts vegan food that uses mostly raw ingredients and is free of gluten, dairy, nuts and refined ingredients. If you’ve never been excited to eat a salad, this spot might change your mind — their greens are a must-try, regardless of whether you’re vegan or not.


Feel Good Guru

Last but not least, the Feel Good Guru is another excellent choice for vegan food. Located near Trinity Bellwoods, this restaurant takes pride in providing food made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients — they even have an indoor cultivator to add to the fresh ambiance.

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