90s Witchy Classic “The Craft” to be Remade

Another 90’s classic is going the remake route

The supernatural teen flick that had everyone trying their hand at dark magic, The Craft, will be hitting theatres again sometime in the near future.

The original Craft, from 1996, centred around four amateur teenage witches as they struggled through the trials and tribulations of high school — using witchcraft to sort out their lives — and eventually getting too mixed up in the dark forces.

Wondering who’ll be playing Neve Campbell’s original role? There’s no word on cast just yet, but the film is set to be directed by up-and-comer Leigh Janiak, and she’s co-writing the new and improved script alongside her Honeymoon writing partner Phil Graziadei.

While it’s all well and good to see a female director spearheading a female-oriented thriller, news of the remake brings up worries that it’ll be nowhere near as amazing as the original. Sure, some remakes are great, but why mess with a good thing? Check out the trailer from the original below: