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A 25 year old Dinosaur Jr. song has become a hit in Japan for no apparent reason

Dinosaur Jr.’s 1994 track “Over Your Shoulder” has hit the Billboard charts this week, ultimately topping the Hot Overseas chart and making it on the Hot 100 at number 18. The song, which is the closing track on Without a Sound, allegedly racked up most of its plays in Japan through YouTube, according to a Billboard report, but no one really knows why.

“Over Your Shoulder,” which was never actually released as a single and has not been reissued in Japan recently, garnered a whopping 8 million views last week. It has not appeared in a popular new film, and it does not soundtrack any memes or viral videos. Both Pitchfork and Billboard were unable to figure out why the video raked in so many views.

“The likely answer is that some unknown user uploaded a video of videos using these songs, which were then viewed enough times for the songs to make significant inroads into the ranking,” Billboard’s report reveals.

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