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A Beloved Parkdale Music Establishment is Closing

Any Parkdale resident worth their salt knows that the Cadillac Lounge is one of, if not the best bar in the whole neighbourhood. Where else can you see a live show, sing karaoke, and drink some of the city’s cheapest cocktails around?

Well, as NOW Magazine reports, The Caddy’s days are numbered. Owner owner Sam Grosso has put the property for sale, and right now he’s “just trying to wind it down.”

In a year that’s seen a string of huge losses to Toronto’s music community, The Caddilac Lounge is a big hit for west-enders. With the massive back patio, karaoke room and live music showcases put on on weekends, there’s few bars left in the city with the Caddy’s character.

Unlike the other music venue losses, The Caddy isn’t being pressured to be torn down and replaced by condos, rather it’s a move that will allow the owner to spend more time with his family. Grosso currently lives in Prince Edward County, and makes the long trek every weekend to put on live showcases. He says, “people are not supporting live music like they used to,” therefore he’s losing money on band nights. “The kids just aren’t into it.”

As for the bar’s immediate future Grosso says he plans to go out with a boom. “As soon as there is a deal on the table that’s 100 per cent confirmed, we are going to have a series of closing parties that are going to rock the city,” he told NOW. “Until then, we’ll just keep on going. Sell some beer, sell some nachos, book some bands. That’s it.”

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