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A Black and White Version of ‘Logan’ is in the Works

Marvel’s Logan hits theatres today and is estimated to bring in about $170 million worldwide by the end of the weekend.

The highly anticipated film, which has already summoned a flood of think pieces labeling the film as the best X-Men movie yet, tells the dystopian-like story of Wolverine who is in the position of caring for a sick and senile Professor X before a young girl makes an unexpected entrance into his life. The film takes place in the year 2029, where mutants are dangerously close to extinction due to a virus.

Now, director James Mangold is saying that a black and white version of Logan is in the works. Mangold recently revealed this on Twitter in response to a fan’s tweet that the movie would look great in black and white.

This isn’t the first time a movie has seen a monochromatic re-release. Mad Max: Fury Road was released in “black and chrome” in 2016. The film was available to see in theatres for a short time before being released on DVD.

As for Logan, fans and critics are predicting a home video release for the black and white version.

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