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A Brewery District Might Be Coming To Toronto

Thirteen craft brewers in Toronto’s west end are teaming up to designate the Dupont and Ossington area as the city’s Brewery District.

The idea sparked from the success of Niagara’s wine country, says the manager of Henderson Brewing, Steve Himel. “Breweries are like indie bands- we’re not necessarily driven by competition,” Himel said. “We know that together we are stronger.” He encourages the idea of a brewery district because he figures coming together will attract more customers and brand the area.

The thirteen brewers pushing to brand the area as the Brewery District are: Bandit Brewery, Bellwoods Brewery, Blood Brothers Brewing, Burdock Brewing, Duggan’s Brewery, Folly Brewpub, Halo Brewery, Henderson Brewing, Indie Alehouse Brewing, Junction Craft Brewing, Lansdowne Brewery, Rainhard Brewing and Station Cold Brew.

Ana Bailão, a Toronto city Councillor, is working alongside the brewers to confirm a green light for the district, spanning from Bellwoods’ Brewery to the Junction. The thirteen members, alongside Bailão, will propose the idea to city council in February.

Photo courtesy JasonParis via Flickr

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