A Cassette Tops Record Store Day’s Best Seller List

Metallica's No Life Til Leather gains the most sales for RSD 2015

Out of all the hot limited edition releases and reissues pressed for Record Store Day 2015, would you ever guess that a cassette tape topped the sales charts? At 3000 copies, Metallica’s No Life Til Leather was 2015 RSD’s best seller, with The White Stripes vinyl reissue of Get Behind Me Satan coming in at no. 2. That’s right – a cassette.


Just because the Walkman is no longer a popular mode of listening to music, tapes have been making a modern revival. They continue to be the cheapest form of physical music an artist can put out. Although the quality of sound is not top notch, it’s lo-fi format compliments some genres while the nostalgic/collectability factor works in its favour too.

Will cassette tapes see the same kind of resurgence that vinyl did it recent years? We shall see.