A chunk of ice that crashed into Mississauga home, narrowly missing sleeping woman, could have come from an airplane

The 'enormous' noise woke up Carmela Caccavo

On Wednesday, a Mississauga family was fast asleep when a chunk of ice crashed through their ceiling, coming within two metres of a sleeping woman.

The ice crashed through the roof at 1317 Burgess Cres. around 6:30 p.m., and instantly awoke the sleeping Carmela Caccavo due to the “enormous” noise, according to the Toronto Star. When she awoke, she realized that the ice had landed just a few metres from her bed and she began shaking when she realized the large chunk could have severely injured or killed her.

Caccavo’s son, Michael, urged that the ice likely came from a plane that was flying overhead at the time. Transport Canada urge the Caccavos to file a report about the incident, as they take report of potential debris coming from an aircraft quite seriously, and every report is investigated by the department.