A Comprehensive List Of Every Reference in The 1975’s ‘Love It If We Made It’ video

Y'all need to sit down for this one

The 1975 released a video earlier this week for “Love It If We Made It,” which is a sort of political cry for help, featuring clips of recent events and significant figures in current news. From Brett Kavanaugh to the murder of Eric Garner, the video is a whirlwind with tons of politically charged references.

Check out the comprehensive list below of every reference we could find in The 1975’s “Love It If We Made It” video.

0:00 – Plastic In Oceans

The video opens with a plastic bag silently floating in the ocean as “Love It If We Made It” slowly begins in the background. It’s no secret that we’ve been filling the sea with plastic, from straws to food packages, and The 1975 won’t stand for it.

0:21 – Easy Access to Purchasing Guns

This one is a pretty obvious image, with a woman purchasing what is clearly much heavier than a hand gun easily over the counter. The man in the scene selling the gun just hands it to her, and she then points the gun back at him.

0:30 – Milo Yiannopoulos

Matty Healy sings “Saying controversial things just for the hell of it” as an image of Milo Yiannopoulos pops onto the screen. Yiannopoulos is a right-wing political commentator who used to be the editor of Breitbart. He’s known for having controversial opinions on everything from free speech to Islam.

0:34 – Black Friday and racial tension

Healy sings about “selling melanin,” which is when rich white people purchase a pigment for their skin to make it darker. As that happens, we see images of people battering each other on Black Friday as they pour into stores. This image seems to explore consumerism and racial tensions.

0:37 – Eric Garner

Healy follows up the previous line with “…and then suffocate the black men,” while the video flashes to the footage of the death of Eric Garner. The 43 year old man had been choked to death by an NYPD officer in 2014, which prompted nationwide protests and an out of court settlement of $5.9 million.

0:43 – Prison Industrial Complex

We see prisoners stomping through the yard as Healy sings “start with misdemeanours and we’ll make a business out of them,” referring to the privatisation of prison, which often prioritizes making cash over integrating imprisoned people back into regular life.

0:58 – Religion & the Westboro Baptist Church

The video has a brief flash of a clip from a protest by the Christian extremist group at the Westboro Baptist Church. In the background, Healy sings “truth is only hearsay,” commenting on religion as a whole, which Healy famously opposes.

1:04 – Harvey Weinstein

It’s no surprise that an image of shamed movie industry professional, Harvey Weinstein, appears on the screen in “Love It If We Made It.” His reported sexual abuse is what brought on the #MeToo movement, and you can hear Healy singing “modernity has failed us.”

1:31 – Selfies and Social Media

“Poison me daddy” has become the most shared lyric from the band’s new track, which is a reference to the intensive fan culture online. A poster of the lyric appeared in different locations for promotion for the single, and you can see Healy copying fans by taking selfies in front of his own lyric.

1:35 – The London Riots

The London riots began after Mark Duggan died at the hands of the London Metropolitan police. It was a five day long riot that claimed five lives back in 2011.

1:38 – Alan Kurdî

The three-year-old boy drowned in the Mediterranean Sea during the European Refugee Crisis and images of the horrifying event made headlines nationally. It marked a large amount of attention around the crisis, and the image will remain one of the most important of the 21st century.

1:41 – Lil Peep

Healy was a huge fan of Lil Peep, who died last year, because he saw his rap music as the closest thing this generation has to punk music. Similarly to the previously mentioned posters, there were “Rest In Peace Lil Peep” posters plastered all over major cities.

1:49 – The Grenfell Disaster

When we hear “modernity has failed us” for a second time, the video shows images of the Grenfell Tower burning from last summer, which was the deadliest structural fire in the UK in 29 years. The apartment building fire caused 72 deaths, and is currently used to represent the class divide in London.

2:08 – ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

Healy and other dancers parody the iconic dance scene in Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel,” which is supposed to be a nod to another music video that they hope was just as resonating as “Love It If We Made It” is intended to be.

2:51 – Brett Kavanaugh

This is probably the most current reference in the video. Brett Kavanaugh, who was appointed to the US Supreme Court, faced allegations of sexual assault by psychologist Christine Blasey Ford and two other women. The image is used as a chilling reference to the politicized judgement of the accusations against Kavanaugh.

2:55 – Donald Trump

What would this video be if it didn’t have a Donald Trump reference? Astonishingly, “I moved on her like a bitch” is in fact a quote from the US President, who bragged about his sexual prowess. This is from the same interview where Trump later went on to explain that his fame allowed him to “grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” The clip is accompanied by footage of anti-Trump protests.

3:04 – Kanye West

Healy references another direct quote from Donald Trump when he said, “Thank you Kanye, very cool!” The response was to Kanye West in April 2018, when he called Trump his “brother” explaining that they both had “dragon energy.” This is particularly current with West recently visiting the Oval Office after his Saturday Night Live pro-Trump rant.

3:07 – The World Trade Center attacks

Footage of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center show on the screen as Healy sings “The war has been incited.” The attacks are well known for being the thing that pushed the start of the Iraq War in the 2000s.

3:11 – The KKK

A quick flash of the white cloaked KKK appears on screen at 3:11, as they aggressively set a cross on fire with hand held torches.

4:14 – The iPhone

The video ends with an image of Healy as the signature iPhone feature “slide to power off” is super-imposed on top. It seems to be a comment on technology as a whole, referencing a couple of other images of technology as a recurring theme throughout the video.

Recurring themes: War, Pollution, Diversity, Acceptance, Violence, Technology