A famous Canadian bakery made an epic Hogwarts castle out of gingerbread

You can even win a chance to destroy it

If you think you’re a big Harry Potter fan, wait until you see what people at the legendary Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton did.

The Alberta bakery has officially topped last year’s Canadian Parliament gingerbread after their most recent creation: an elaborate Hogwarts castle. This 100 per cent edible castle was made out of gingerbread, sugar, and candy, and you can even win a chance to destroy the gingerbread castle by bringing in new socks for charity.

Watch a timelapse of the castle being created below.

Gingerbread Hogwarts Timelapse

If you are curious how the Gingerbread Hogwarts came together

Posted by Duchess Bake Shop on Saturday, November 17, 2018