A LinkedIn Hacker is Selling Millions of Logins on the Dark Web

Change your passwords ASAP

LinkedIn users might want to consider changing their passwords, because the website has been hacked yet again.

According to Motherboard, a hacker has returned to LinkedIn and is selling 117 million user e-mails and passwords on The Real Deal, an illegal dark web marketplace. The hacker, who goes by the name “Peace”, is auctioning logins for five bitcoin, which values at approximately $2200.

Motherboard spoke with Peace and confirmed that the data is from the 2012 LinkedIn breach, where 6.5 million logins were leaked online.

LinkedIn Spokesperson Hani Durzy told Motherboard that LinkedIn is looking into the hacking, but could not confirm if the data was legitimate. Although, Durzy did confess to not knowing how much data was leaking in the 2012 hack.

(Photo courtesy of Katy Levinson via Flickr)