A Look Inside Luminato’s Hearn Generating Station (Photos)

Luminato finds a new home in an old Toronto friend

The 10th annual Luminato Festival is upon us and it could not be taking place at a more unique venue: the Hearn Generating Station. Large enough to fit 12 Parthenons inside, the industrial landmark sits proudly along Toronto’s lakeshore.

Turbine Hall 1

When the station opened in October of 1951, it was Canada’s first 100 megawatt steam turbo-generator set. Decommissioned in 1983, the station became somewhat of a local monument attracting photographers and urban explorers alike.



Luminato took advantage of the remarkable space for events and finally introduced the Hearn Generating Station as this year’s festival hub.

One Thousand Speculations 2 - Photo by Jonathan Castellino





Luminato is Toronto’s global multi-arts festival dedicated to performance, visual art, music, theatre, dance, magic and more. The festival runs from June 10 to 26, find out more here.


(All photos by Jonathan Castellino for Luminato Festival)