A Man Fell Down An 8-Foot Cartoonish Hole At An Art Museum

Straight out of Looney Tunes

India-born British artist Anish Kapoor is probably best known for Cloud Gate, the stainless steel “bean” located in Chicago’s Millennium Park. Another one of Kapoor’s exhibits is finding its way into headlines this week after a 60-year-old Italian man fell into an eight-foot cartoonish-looking hole at a Portugal art museum.

Kapoor’s Descent into Limbo is literally a hole in the ground, which resembles a giant ink blot on the floor to the naked eye. The exhibit “is an expression of Kapoor’s interests in the formal and metaphoric play between light and darkness, inside and outside, the contained and the infinite, which underpins his sculptural oeuvre.”

The exhibit is surrounded by caution signs, as well as patrolled by a staff member to ensure safety. Regardless, someone suffered the old ACME Looney Tunes gag.

“An accident happened,” Fernando Rodrigues Pereira, the museum’s press officer, told Artnet News. “Now this installation is temporarily closed. The visitor has already left the hospital and he is recovering well.”