A Manitoba man called 911 to ask where he could rent a Zamboni

Can you GET more Canadian?

It’s been a pretty brutal couple of months for Canadian 911 operators considering they’ve had to deal with a boy complaining about getting snow pants for Christmas, a girl was mad that her parents asked her to clean her room, and people making Cannabis complaints. Now, a Manitoba man has called 911 to ask about where he could rent a Zamboni for an upcoming hockey tournament.

“We understand that in Canada, this could be an emergency to some, however, this is not a valid reason to dial 9-1-1,” the Manitoba RCMP explained in a Tweet. There were no mentions whether the caller, who placed the complaint last week, was charged or not, but this was probably the most Canadian 911 call made this year.

Although bad ice may feel like a crime in itself, please remember to only use 911 for emergencies.