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A new animated ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ show is in the works at HBO Max

For better or for worse, nostalgia is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. What’s old is once new again, as reports surface that Danny McBride’s Rough House Pictures is teaming up with Topps and Michael Eisner-owned production company Tornante to revive 1980s’ Cabbage Patch Kids parody characters Garbage Pail Kids for HBO Max.

A new animated series, which is expected to be of the family-friendly variety, is currently in development for the streaming service. Garbage Pail Kids were introduced in 1985 as a series of gross-out trading cards depicting some truly messed up characters with names such as “Snotty Scotty,” “Blasted Billy,” Soft Boiled Sam,” “Corroded Carl,” “Oozy Suzy,” and I think we all get the picture.

The popularity of the trading cards eventually led to the release of a live-action movie in 1987, which is considered among one of the worst films ever made.


The animated series will be written by McBride, his Rough House partner David Gordon Green, and Josh Bycel.

Garbage Pail Kids celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020 with the release of a digital collectible series on the WAX blockchain.

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