A New Beer & Pinball Festival is Coming to Toronto

A tried and true combination, now in the form of a festival.

From May 11th until May 15th, Handlebar in Kensington Market will be home to the city’s newest festival, celebrating beer and pinball.

Contestants can participate in pinball tournaments on a number of vintage arcade machines for the affordable price of $3, or just enjoy the atmosphere and combo of live music and DJ sets. The festival begins nightly at 7pm, and Tuesday features $5 drinks.


Handlebar is teaming up with local businesses including the Kensington Brewing Company and Sanagan’s Meat Locker to supply the four-day festival with food and craft beers. This inaugural event is set to be the first of many, and is one of many new festivals hitting Toronto this summer.

Officially dubbed The Beer and Ball Festival, this event is definitely for those who enjoy a retro feel to their nights out. While it may be a little out of the ordinary, it sure sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.