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A new study reveals that Toronto is the sixth worst city for commuting

A new study from Expert Market has revealed that Toronto commuting is not only the worst in Canada, but it clocks in at the worst in North America, and the sixth worst in the entire world.

The study looked at 74 cities with population sizes of more than 300,000 people. Researchers looked at factors like the average time waiting for a bus or a train, the average time spent commuting each day including average journey distance, the average cost of a monthly transit card as a percentage of average new monthly salary, and the percentage of transit users needing to make at least one transfer during their commute.

After tallying the scores, Toronto placed in at a whopping 69th out of the total 74, primarily because of the length of the ride or drive. The study revealed that a Toronto employee spends an average of 96 minutes commuting per day, which is the second longest time on the list. Additionally, the average time Toronto transit users wait for a bus or train clocks in at 14 minutes. The study also revealed that 73 per cent of commuters have to make at least one transfer during a single journey.

The only cities that got a worse ranking then Toronto were Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Bogota, Colombia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Istanbul, Turkey; and Salvador, Brazil.

The best city for commuters was Nice, France, where workers spend only 40 minutes a day commuting on average.

Check out the ten best cities and the ten worst cities for commuters below.
10 best cities for commuters:

1. Nice, France
2. Cuenca, Ecuador
3. Bilbao, Spain
4. Toulouse, France
5. Catania, Italy
6. Bari, Italy
7. Lyon, France
8. Bologna, Italy
9. Strasbourg, France
10. Leicester, U.K.

10 worst cities for commuters:

1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
2. Bogota, Colombia
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. Istanbul, Turkey
5. Salvador, Brazil
6. Toronto, Canada
7. Brasilia, Brazil
8. Cali, Colombia
9. Miami, U.S.
10. London, U.K.

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