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A New Tinder-Like Dating App Gives the Power to Women

Move over Tinder, there’s a new dating app in town and it’s all about gender equality. Bumble has similar features to Tinder (i.e. qualifying two people by swiping left or right), but once two people are matched only the woman can start the conversation. Further, she only has 24 hours to make contact with that person, or they become forever unmatched.


Whitney Wolfe, the co-creator of Tinder, and former Marketing Executive, has created a new dating app, aims to level the playing field for men and women. Wolfe told International Business Times that the point is “not to take power away from a man — it’s to flip the roles. Men feel constant pressure to go first, and maybe they’re shy or tired of that”. She says that will start the conversation off right, and lead to a more realistic and modern relationship.

Though it’s not to take complete power away from men. Naturally, part of the appeal of Tinder for many men is the sort of instant gratification that it gives. While it’s not as cut and dry as Tinder is with hooking up, there is an option for the man to extend a match for an additional 24 hours. Though it can be only used once daily, it signals to a lady how much they want to be messaged. Bumble is LGBT-friendly as well, giving same sex matches both 24 hours to contact each other.

Wolfe explains that Bumble is the modern dating version of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. If you never went to middle school, the Sadie Hawkins dance encouraged the ladies to ask the men to dance. “We felt empowered rather than sitting around waiting for someone to ask us, which is a daunting feeling.”

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