A Photographer Captures The Emotion Between People and Their Dying Pets

Eva Hagel remembers the furry friends that have passed on

Losing a pet is an emotional time for any owner. Dog lovers cherish their furry companions as a member of the family, loving them as a best friend. But then, a short time later, they pass away.

Eva Hagel is a photographer that was very moved by the loss of her boxer, Cleo. She remembered that no service that could celebrate Cleo’s last moments existed. So, she changed that herself.

Project Cleo is a donation-only service based in Minnesota that offers clients a remembrance of they love they shared with their furry friend.

Hagel told the Huffington Post:

Our pets are just like children. Their death can leave a resounding emptiness in our lives.

Having these images to look back on can help begin the healing process and encourage memories about what a joy their companion was.

She has photographed seven dogs with their families, and values the importance of photographing elderly dogs in their natural, comfortable setting. She watches them interact with their owners, and takes pictures.

Check out her images below: