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A Pissed-Off Woman Went On A Rampage In Liberty Village Goodlife

No matter if you’re a fitness buff or not, nobody enjoys working out at a busy gym.

If you’ve ever experienced a popular gym like the Liberty Village Goodlife, you know you spend most of your time waiting for people to get off machines, wiping down other people’s sweat and staring at your phone in between sets to avoid contact with the other gym-rats. It can be frusterating to say the least.

However, one member of the Goodlife in Liberty Village was having an especially bad day this weekend, prompting her to go on a destructive rampage, smashing everything in sight. In three separate videos posted to Instagram (and later picked up by the popular account ParkdaleLife), a woman was captured on camera smashing a treadmill screen with a barbell, throwing dumbbells at a mirror and getting into fights with other members.

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According to BlogTO, the woman was eventually escorted out of the building by security and arrested by police, though it is unclear whether they were having a mental health breakdown. Her motives still remain unclear, as well as if the episode had anything to do with mental health.

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