A red-winged blackbird is dive-bombing Liberty Village residents once again

'Dive Bomber Dave' has its own TikTok account now

Bird warfare is upon us, once again.

There is a red-winged blackbird dive-bombing people in Toronto’s Liberty Village, near East Liberty Street, just west of Strachan Avenue. The bird is clearly not having people passing through its territory, so it’s holding down the fort by swooping down at passers by and in some cases attacking.

Footage of the angry bird has been captured by residents, and our feathered foe now has a dedicated TikTok account by the name of “Dive Bomber Dave.”

Check out the red-winged blackbird staking claim to its territory below.


Dave asking you to keep a safe distance from the nest ?##funny ##divebomberdave ##tiktok ##tiktokanimals ##bird ##redwingblackbird

? original sound – divebomberdave

A blackbird was conducting similar strikes in the area last year.

Mark Peck, an ornithologist at the Royal Ontario Museum, offered an explanation to Toronto.com about why the bird appears to be so aggressive.

“He’s established a territory early on, probably in early May or even late April,” Peck said. “Especially when there’s young in the nest, they tend to get especially protective of the area. … He’s just protecting his own.”

“It’s likely the same male as last year. He knows the area and he know how to defend it well,” Peck added.

Image via Flickr/PebblePicJay