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A Scarborough man is developing a raccoon video game titled ‘Trash Panda’

At last, a video game everyday Toronto residents can really relate to. Scarborough man Jason Leaver has used the pandemic to create a video game where the player takes control of a raccoon, free to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood’s trash bins and devour refuse just like a real raccoon.

Trash Panda was born out of Leaver’s desire to create a distraction for people, and it’s found a footing in its beta form on Discord and other social media channels.

“While I was making this thing, I also didn’t know I had something that is as special as it seems to be,” Leaver told the Toronto Star. “It was a real surprise to me just how much it’s clicked with people. You need to be able to share this stuff, so that you can know how much people will love it.”

Leaver is best known for his award-winning YouTube web series Out With Dad, which ran for five seasons.

It looks like Leaver may have a burgeoning viral sensation on his hands with the development of Trash Panda. So ready those impressive little fingers, prepare to fill up on garbage, and knock over your neighbour’s bins in this nocturnal adventure coming soon.

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