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A Scientist Just Discovered A “Secret Portrait” Underneath the Mona Lisa

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Researcher Pascal Cotte has spent the last decade examining the Mona Lisa. Using a technology he designed called the Layer Amplification Method (LAM), he shined a series of “intense” lights onto the painting in order to be able to detect the different layers of paint on the canvas.

Cotte says that he has uncovered an entire other painting under the famous portrait – which could possibly be earlier draft of the Mona Lisa.  However, he says that “the results shatter many myths and alter our vision of Leonardo’s masterpiece forever.”

In the art community, it has been widely believed that Leonardo Da Vinci’s model was Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine silk merchant. However, Cotte says that the woman beneath the famous portrait is a different, unsmiling person.

Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon has made a bold statement in saying that the name of the painting will have to be changed. “It’s goodbye Mona Lisa, she is somebody else,” he says. He has a documentary that airs on BBC2 called The Secrets of the Mona Lisa where he takes a deeper look into who Da Vinci’s model may have been.

So who is the mystery woman beneath the famous painting? Watch the clip in the player above above.

Image courtesy of Iggyshoot on Flickr

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