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A Singing Beach? Welcome to Iona’s Beach, Minnesota

If you’ve never visited a beach that sings, which I’m guessing you haven’t, then you need to check out Iona’s Beach

Where is Iona’s Beach?

Iona’s beach

You’ll find this remarkable, vocal beach on the North Shore of Minnesota. As the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are many beautiful beaches in the area. However, none of them purport to ‘sing’ when the water comes in. it’s almost as cool as a star-shaped sand beach!

The actual address of Iona’s Beach is Gitchi Gami Trail, Two Harbors, MN, 55616.

How Does a Beach Sing?

Iona’s Beach
Image: @random__times_ on Instagram

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has made Iona’s Beach an official Scientific and Nature area. The pristine nature and aesthetic of the beach deserves such a move. The protection has helped to conserve and protect the beach — a truly remarkable sight.

The reason Iona’s Beach is so distinctive looking is because of all the small pink stones that make up the shore. They strike you as soon as you walk onto the beach, and you can tell there’s something special going on.

Iona’s Beach
Image: @random__times_ on Instagram.

The stones are all the result of years and years of Lake Superior’s choppy waters eroding a nearby cliff. The stones have been washing ashore for decades, and thousands of them have piled up to (naturally) create Iona’s Beach.

While the stones themselves are pretty and distinct, it’s actually not just their appearance that everyone loves about them. They are the reason this beach is called “a singing beach”!

When a wave crashes onto the shore of pink stones, they move against one another and create a high-pitched, gentle sound of chimes. What could be more romantic?

Shhhhhhh. You have to be extra quiet to hear the song of Iona’s Beach.

More About Iona’s Beach

Iona’s beach
Image: @christiandalbecphotography on Instagram

In addition to the sound of a million tiny clinking bells, the place just feels magical. The stones are all very similar in size, which gives the beach a somewhat uniform, organized look.

Even when Lake Superior is calm and the rocks aren’t singing, it still has the mystical feel of nature.

Iona’s Beach is one of the three Scientific and Natural areas along the lake. It was named after the woman who owned the resort that once stood on the spot where you’ll now find the beach’s parking lot — Iona Lind.

Iona and her family ran the Twin Points Resort for over 50 years! When she passed on, she donated the land to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Thank you Iona! I can’t wait to check out this gorgeous beach in person and sit and listen to its song!

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