A Superpark Could be Coming to Toronto’s Lower Don Valley

Evergreen and City of Toronto are working together on this project.

If you’ve ever explored the area around the DVP, you’ve probably just walked or biked along the few trails surrounding the Don River. But the lower part of the Don Valley has been a dumping ground, a waste sink, and a transportation corridor; abused and neglected.

All of that is about to change.

In the Lower Don communities hides a 5km ravine trail that doesn’t get much attention or attraction. Non profit group Evergreen and City of Toronto officials have been working together to revitalize the Lower Don trail, looking to add gateways and access points, trail enhancements, and restore green spaces. This plan comes together as the “Lower Don Project”.

New trails through the Snow Dump and Salt Dome sites will increase opportunities to engage the river and natural landscape (Evergreen)

Evergreen and City of Toronto want to enhance the Lower Don space and create easier access to its amazing ravine trail. They even plan on including some public art to attract more people to the space.

A new protected two-way pedestrian and bicycle facility on the east side of Bayview Avenue will formalize an important parallel route to the Lower Don Trail (Evergreen)

Some of the trail enhancements include:
1. Restore native ecosystems that have been damaged over time in the area.
2. Build amenities that support increased access to this beautiful, natural space.
3. Improved access, way-finding and trail systems.

Over 250,000 people currently call the Lower Don home and 80,000 new residents to come into the area. Evergreen’s goal is to increase the number of people who care about the Lower Don’s ravine trail and work together to restore it. They believe it is vital to invest in public green spaces to promote general well-being and create liveable spaces.

What do you think of the project?

(Main photo courtesy of The City of Toronto via Flickr)