A Taste of The Sea: Toronto’s Best Fish and Chips

From the sea to your plate, it's a list of Toronto's best fish and chips.

With fall soon approaching, and the crisp autumn air an inevitability, there’s nothing quite like grabbing a plate of comfort food. To remember those summer days by the water, while graciously accepting the change in season, fish and chips always seems like a good option.

Whether you like it greasy and large-portioned or light, flaky, and barely battered – everything on this list is served with a plate of chips. Enjoy this list of Toronto’s best fish and chips.

Olde Yorke
With an extensive lunch and dinner menu available, Olde Yorke is serving up some seriously good cod, haddock, and halibut. Their large traditional English style pub focuses on creating an atmosphere that will have customers coming back for more. Their delicious fish and chips are also available for take-out. Family sized portions makes feeding larger groups easy.

olde yorke

The One That Got Away
With eight fish and chips options, The One That Got Away specializes in everything seafood. Don’t expect to grab a surf and turf plate at TOTGA. The small and cozy restaurant serves quality (almost gourmet) food in mom-and-pop setting.


Off The Hook
Off The Hook does fish and chips with a twist; organic batters and gluten free options make Off The Hook a great fish and chip joint. Off the Hook also serves up angus burgers and goat cheese salads making it a go-to for groups of friends with a picky eater that refuses to touch seafood.

Len Duckworth’s Fish and Chips
Delivery fish and chips, right to your door! This Danforth favourite for fish and chips is always serving up fluffy and deliciously hot fish and chips. Duckworth’s has been around since 1930 and has been making hand cut fries to accompany their hearty portion of fish for nearly 85 years.


Penrose Fish and Chips
Nothing screams fish and chips quite like getting your take-out order wrapped in paper. They’re only in operation from Tuesday to Friday, but that makes ordering lunch for the office way simpler. Wash everything down with an old fashioned soda pop, and you’re travelling back in time during your lunch hour. Unfortunately Penrose will be closing its doors at the end of next month as the owners are retiring after 65 years in business.


Kingsway Fish and Chips
The family run Kingsway Fish and Chips has customers coming back again and again. The warm atmosphere is sure to cure you of a bad day, and the family’s quirky sense of décor means the restaurant is covered in over 300 teapots from around the globe. The fish can be a bit greasy at times, but 99% of the time, you’re walking away satisfied.

Reliable Fish and Chips
With the word “Reliable” in their name, you can trust that the guys at Reliable Fish and Chips know what they’re doing. It’s cash only and doesn’t offer up too much seating, making the takeout option pretty popular. Reliable Fish and Chips is comfort food done really well. The lightly battered fish will leave you feeling full, but not over stuffed.