A Toronto man danced on top of a TTC bus while it was moving

The rider climbed on top of a moving bus, and dance and surfed as it drove through an intersection

A young Toronto man recently rode a TTC bus, but not in the way you think. Footage has circulated of a bus on Dawes Road just north of the Danforth, and a man climbs on top of it, dangling from the back, and dancing and surfing on top of it.

The video, uploaded to Facebook by Brian Taylor, featured the rider pulling himself up on top of the roof of the bus and ducking to avoid being nailed by a stoplight as the bus drives through an intersection.

Watch the video below.

The uploader delayed the footage’s release, likely in hopes that the wild bus surfer wouldn’t be identified by TTC officials.

Apparently, the bus in the video has been retired since August, and based on the bare trees, TTC officials believe that the video was filmed last fall or winter. This will make it pretty tough to identify the person in the video, so a fine may be off the table for this rebellious bus rider.