A Tribe Called Red Member Accused of being Racist

Ian Champeau has been accused of being racist after wearing "Caucasian" t-shirt.

A Tribe Called Red member Ian Campeau has been accused of being racist by Westfest festival goers after sporting a “Caucasian” t-shirt mocking the Cleveland Indians.

TribeA Tribe Called Red is set to play Ottawa’s Westfest this upcoming weekend, but when Iam Campeau was seen wearing the ironic Cleveland “Caucasians” t-shirt, he became the target of some of the festival attendees. The festival organizers have been getting emails and voicemails of festival goers threatening to boycott the festival. “Deejay NDN” (Campeau) posted a photo of the email to his Instagram account.

The festival organizers told CBC that they have dismissed both the emails and the voicemails and that the wording was essentially the same. “It’s probably just one person, but since Ian went public with it, we’ve gotten way, way more positive feedback,” they said. “We’re just really excited for A Tribe Called Red and a crowd 4,000 strong of Ottawans being excited for their homeboys.”

This isn’t the first time Campeau has used his public profile to gain respect for aboriginal culture. In 2013, he filed a complaint and alongside the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, he got the Napean Redskins to change their name to the Eagles. This shirt just seems to be another way he’s trying to change the way we look at Native culture.

The conversation continues for Deejay NDN over on Twitter, posting Tweets such as these:

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