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A Tribute to David Bowie from Indie88

When we started this radio station we had a talk about the artists that would make up the sound and vibe of what we wanted to share with the city.

The modern bands were easy to choose and the new ones would organically find their way. It was the iconic artists that ignited the most discussion.

While the greats of the 60s would be acknowledged, there was only one artist that the room unanimously agreed was the man to hang our hat on : David Bowie.

His work represented the qualities that we all strive to achieve and share: originality, creativity, mystery, and fun, with a wink of the eye.

I had the privilege of interviewing him once and his aura and presence had a “not of our time” quality to it. Like you were talking to someone from the not-so-distant future!

We’ve been told once or twice “you play a lot of Bowie”. That’s no accident. His music and artistic ambitions are ones to be embraced and act as a reminder of the possibilities that are in each and every one of us.

Farewell Bowie, we’ll miss you.


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