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A Warm Winter In Toronto Could Be On Its Way After All

We may have lied to you… depending on what you believe. Last week The Old Farmer’s Almanac — an eerily-accurate weather reference book dating back to 1792 — was predicting a terrible, freezing, superwinter this year. However, things may be looking up.

NASA scientists are predicting an epic El Niño this year. To jog your memory, El Niño is a weather phenomenon occurring every few years that affects the Pacific equatorial region, resulting in changing wind patterns and unusually warm temperatures.

The El Niño is projecting slightly more comfortable weather for Toronto’s winter months — much warmer in comparison to the last few years. In case you’ve forgotten 2014’s extreme winter, take a drive through the slushy city streets below:

This so-called “Godzilla” El Niño — the biggest in nearly two decades — also likely means good news for California: rain.

After last year’s horrific freeze, any suggestion of warm winter months sounds great to me.

(Photo by Chung Ho Leung via Flickr)

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