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A Year in Trends: 2015

What a year! Funny ladies, furry faces, mobile accessories, and Full House! Come with us, as we explore some of the most fascinating, fun, and infuriating trends of 2015. Feel free to add your own observations to the comments below.

Naming babies after Instagram filters

Yep, you read that correctly. This year, Instagram was no longer just a source of visual inspiration for those looking to decorate a room or host a dinner party. In fact, some desperate folks actually moseyed over to their photography app in search of the perfect name for their pampered progeny. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the website BabyCenter, names found to be gaining popularity in North America include Lux (up 75 percent since 2014), Amaro, Reyes, Valencia, and Ludwig.


(Photo by Jzollman via Flickr)


Politically correct emojis

If you updated your iPhone to iOS 8.3 any time during 2015, you were greeted to the same expressive characters—only this time those familiar buttons, like the tear-streaming happy face, or the mysterious dancing lady in the red flamenco dress, were updated to include representatives of all colours of the human race. As a result of this overdue upgrade, the world returned to some semblance of normalcy. No word yet on how Apple intends to encourage actual VERBAL communication between family and friends. Finger crossed for 2016!


(Photo by Dave Taylor via Flickr)


The meteoric rise of Amy Schumer

This past year, Schumer’s hilarious sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, won an Emmy, and debuted the much-lauded girl power skit “Last Fuckable Day” with fellow Queens of Comedy Tina Fey and Julia Louis Dreyfus. Success continued for the New York native with a slew of hosting gigs (Saturday Night Live) and specials (Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo), while her critically acclaimed self penned anti-rom-com (and first starring film role) Trainwreck grossed $140 million and cemented the 34 year-old as a bona fide bankable star in Hollywood.



Ten Grammys, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and an MBE—all achieved by the age of 25. After a greatly deserved rest, the reigning queen of charts returned in October of this year with a juggernaut single, “Hello”, not to mention a highly anticipated album, 25, which has, quite frankly, set the world on fire. There can be no confusion: the 2015 (and most likely 2016) music charts belong to Adele. In less than a month, 25 sold more copies in the US than Billboard’s previous #1 albums sold in the previous 22 weeks—combined. The album is projected to shift ten million copies worldwide in just twenty days.


TV Reboots

Feeling blue ever since your favourite television program sailed off into syndication? Fear not! Ten to twenty years from now (when you will have certainly forgotten about it entirely), the same cast (minus the big names, of course) might just get together for one final attempt at ratings glory. Of course, 2015 saw the announcement of several classic (and not-so classic) television revamps, including Full House, The X-Files, Coach, Heroes, and Twin Peaks. (Still no Golden Girls revival? Oh, right…)


The Man Braid

A step up (or down, depending who you ask) from the timeless, yet controversial man bun movement, this latest trend in novelty male hairdos turned out to be just as polarizing. Hate it or love it, Buzzfeed pages are already heralding the organizational style as a revolution, and no doubt countless alternative beefcake calendars and editorial magazines are being planned as we speak, with the promise of page after page of arousing androgynous works of art.


Niche dating apps

Lovelorn singles take note: Looking to find that special someone who happens to share your penchant for bacon, or salads, or dogs? Or surfers? There’s an app for that! With each passing year, more disturbing online dating trends seem to emerge, and 2015 proved no exception. Now you can find mister or missus right (or right now), tailored exclusively to your mutual personalities and idiosyncrasies.

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‘What if they were hipsters…’

Everyone from world leaders, to the cast of Arthur, to your favourite Disney characters have been given the hipster treatment this year, resulting in a slew of mixed feelings and, in some cases, admittedly marked improvement(s).


(Photo by Mac McCreery via Flickr)


Strange facial hair

A continuation on the popular trend of making men more (or less) desirable, this year introduced fascinating new ways to accessorize the already popular lumberjack look: glitter and ornaments!! Guys all over Instagram have been captured with glittery baubles adorning their facial fuzz, much to the excitement of ladies (and gents) all around the world. Find out more about this interesting new trend here.


Temporary tattoos

A once-dated, cutesy skin accessory, now a universal statement of bad-assery, temporary tattoos left their mark on 2015 as numerous celebrities were spotted sporting the trend, not to mention the plethora of editorial campaigns and fashion runway shows that featured models bedecked in slinky, inky patterns.

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Sequels that nobody asked for (yet managed to be surprisingly good)

Hollywood knows how to get the biggest bang for its buck. Whether conceiving a fifteenth installment of Spiderman, or rehashing yet another beloved childhood comic strip, one thing is for sure: remakes and sequels are the safest bet. Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road were unanimously praised by critics and audiences alike, and December’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will most definitely earn major bucks. Of course, some ideas (Fantastic Four, Point Break, Pan, Terminator: Genysis) proved better left in the past.


Drake’s mysterious self-promotion tour

In the past, the Toronto rapper has plastered his famous OVO owl logo just about everywhere, sometimes to the dismay of city officials, but 2015 witnessed the most cryptic of all of Drake’s bizarre marketing moves with a billboard at the city’s waterfront, plastered with the somewhat sinister sounding slogan ‘The 6 God is Watching.’ Purportedly an advertisement of an upcoming album, nobody can say for sure—and the mystery continues.


(Photo by Ashton Pal via Flickr)

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