PHOTOS: Abandoned Church Turned Into Stunning Skate Park

An old building was given new life after a group of skateboarders saw an opportunity

Street art and graffiti often have a bad rep, but a neglected 100-year-old church in Spain has made a move to challenge that notion. Originally the church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias, this church that was built in 1912 has been restored and turned into a public indoor skate park. The building has been renamed Kaos Temple, and features beautifully painted wall murals and graffiti art by a skateboarder named Okuda San Miguel, along with a large half pipe that encompasses the centre of the building.

The project came into motion after a group that call themselves the Church Brigade took charge and, with the help of fundraising efforts, decided to transform the broken-down church into a skate space. San Miguel, after seeing photos of the church, offered to use his street art skills to turn the makeshift skate park into a magnificent burst of light and colour.






Images courtesy of @okudart and Red Bull Media