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Absolutely Free share glitchy video for album opener ‘Epilogue (After Touch)’

Absolutely Free are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Aftertouch, tomorrow with a video for their new single “Epilogue (After Touch).”

The new single serves as the album opener, and sets the tone with wistful synths. The retro-futuristic instrumentals bring out an electro-psych sound. The accompanying glitchy video captures that same maximalist, post-apocalyptic energy. It comes packed with colourful, punchy clips of spacey scenes.

“‘Epilogue (After Touch)’ conjures an existence, where a linear progression of time no longer seems applicable,” Absolutely Free explain. “With reference to cinematic narrative, the lyrics touch upon living in a contemporary culture that seems to be referential and symbolic of what’s already in the past.”

Watch the video for “Epilogue (After Touch)” below.

Aftertouch features previously released singles “How To Paint Clouds,” “Interface,” and “Remaining Light.”

Aftertouch is only their second proper studio LP as a group, although they have kept very busy over the years with soundtracks, EPs and solo work.

Speaking on the new album, the band explained, they “wanted to create an album that wasn’t bound by a physical ability to perform it live, to not only expand our palette, but also to consider the live performance as something completely separate.”

Check out the tracklist for Aftertouch below.

Aftertouch Tracklist:

01 – “Epilogue (After Touch)”
02 – “How To Paint Clouds”
03 – “Interface”
04 – “Remaining Light”
05 – “Still Life”
06 – “Are They Signs”
07 – “Clear Blue Sky”
08 – “Morning Sun”

Absolutely Free are set to play Toronto’s Long Winter Together Apart on September 25th.

Lead photo courtesy of Darren Rigo.

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