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Absolutely Free shares sprawling new single ‘Remaining Light’

Absolutely Free have released a sprawling new single called “Remaining Light.”

The new single comes from Absolutely Free’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Aftertouch, out September 24th via Boiled Records. The two-part sonic journey was originally written in 2016. “Remaining Light” is incited by the rising gun violence against marginalized groups at the time.

“‘Remaining Light’ expresses the frustration felt towards invincible and corrupt institutions that uphold structural inequities, including police brutality and manufactured poverty experienced primarily by racialized communities,” Absolutely Free explain. “Written during a heat wave in the summer of 2016, the song dishearteningly remains as relevant as ever today.”

Listen to “Remaining Light” below.

Throughout the tune, Absolutely Free sing of structural racism, poverty, and injustice. “Remaining Light” comes packed with retro synths for a layered, “cybernetic” sound. The new song follows the Toronto psych-pop band’s recently released single “Interface.”

Aftertouch is only their second proper studio LP as a group, although they have kept very busy over the years with soundtracks, EPs and solo work. Speaking on the new album, the band explained, they “wanted to create an album that wasn’t bound by a physical ability to perform it live, to not only expand our palette, but also to consider the live performance as something completely separate.”

Revisit the tracklist for Aftertouch below.

Aftertouch Tracklist:

01 – “Epilogue (After Touch)”
02 – “How To Paint Clouds”
03 – “Interface”
04 – “Remaining Light”
05 – “Still Life”
06 – “Are They Signs”
07 – “Clear Blue Sky”
08 – “Morning Sun”

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