AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Sentenced to 8 Months House Arrest

The rockstar lifestyle proves too much for some

AC/DC’s drummer Phil Rudd has been sentenced to eight months of home detention for drug possession and threats against life. He’ll be monitored around the clock, and will be sent to jail if he violates any of his conditions: no drugs, no alcohol, no leaving.

The judge had some harsh words for Rudd too: “AC/DC are still going on without you. Your place in the band for the moment does not exist, and will not exist until you address your addiction issues.”

It seems as though the root of Rudd’s problems stem from the lack of success of his 2014 solo album Head Job: along with firing much of his staff, he made threatening phone calls to his former assistant, threatening both him and his young daughter, and asked another associate to murder him for pay.

Editorial Use Only. Consent Required for Commercial Use and Book PublicationsPhil Rudd Phil Rudd photo shoot in Sydney, Australia - 21 Aug 2014 Phil Rudd during a photo shoot in Sydney when releasing his debut solo album 'Head Job'. The AC/DC drummer has been charged in New Zealand with attempting to procure murder.  (Rex Features via AP Images)

(Photo by James Croucher via Associated Press)

Police also found marijuana and methamphetamine on Rudd.

Though the sentence may seem daunting, the drummer must be relieved as he was facing up to a maximum of seven years in prison. However, Rudd’s already filed an appeal because, as his lawyer stated, the conviction was “excessive.”

Meanwhile, AC/DC has been working hard, releasing their latest album Rock or Bust and even opening the Grammys (with a new drummer). The band has not been in touch with Rudd since the arrest.

(Main Photo by Natalie Mankelow via Radio New Zealand)