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Beer and Cider Coming to Additional Toronto Grocery Stores

Here’s something to cheers to: beer and cider is becoming available in more grocery stores in the GTA this summer!

Last spring, the government introduced authorizations to sell wine, beer and cider in 130 stores across the Greater Toronto Area. This summer, they are looking to add another 80 grocery stores to the list of beer and cider sellers.

Currently, 60 grocery stores across Ontario are authorized to sell beer and cider, and another 70 which can also sell wine. The bidding process begins today for which stores get licences.

(Photo by Janel Erikson via Flickr)

By the summer, that would mean a total of 210 stores will be carrying beer and cider. Newly added stores will be announced in May.

The LCBO made the announcement through a press release:

Ultimately, beer and cider will be available in up to 450 grocery stores, including up to 300 that will also sell wine. This is in addition to more than 450 Beer Stores and 650 LCBO stores across Ontario.

For the current list, check here for the Wine, and Beer and Cider list.

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