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Adorable Bumble Bee Butts Are All The Buzz

We hear a lot about how bumble bees need to be saved, but have you heard of the latest bee buzz? Bumble bee butts are adorable, and we had no idea!

I wonder if there’s someone who scours the internet looking for obscure things that are cute. Birds with bangs? C’mon be serious. Frillback Pigeons with curly, fancy feathers?? You betcha. Besides, how else would someone find out that bumble bee’s booties are one of the cutest things ever?

This is, by far, one of our favourite arbitrary internet obsessions!

Someone Noticed That Bee’s Butts Are Ridiculously Adorable… And Now We Can’t Look Away

Is it the shape of their derrière?

Perhaps it’s the way their wings fold discreetly over the round bits to make an attempt at hiding the glory of the hairy-butt curves.

Maybe it’s the fuzz… because isn’t fuzz almost always cute? (Except apparently in women’s armpits, which is debatable, by the way.)

We already know that bees are cute beyond our wildest dreams. However, it’s hard to know exactly WHY bumble bee butts are so darn adorable. So let’s just look at a bunch of pictures of them, and we can all try to figure it out for ourselves.

The very nature of how they get pollen from the flowers puts their butts on display. But why would they hide? With a butt like that, I’d stick it up in the air too.

Work It: Cute Bumble Bee Butts In Action

Bumble bee butts

In Conclusion

Bumble bees have glorious booties. We hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures and derived some joy from this hilarious obsession.

Keep the buzz alive!


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