Advanced Album Stream: Calexico “Edge of the Sun”

Take a listen to Calexico's colourful new album before it's released on April 14th

For nearly two decades, Calexico has created music that spans different production styles, instruments, influences, collaborators, and locations to create a large body of work. Joey Burns and John Convertino are no strangers to the idea of experimenting.

That’s why when it came to making their latest record Edge of the Sun, finding inspiration from alternative sources wasn’t a difficult task.

Like their move to New Orleans for their previous release Algiers, the band looked for a change in location to instigate a new writing perspective. Co-producer/keyboardist Sergio Mendoza suggested going back to the place that spawned their breakout release The Black Light – Mexico City. Instead they settled on the slightly different surroundings of Coyoacán, a burrough of Mexico City. Burns elaborated on the decision “Going to another city to jumpstart the creative writing process helped us to know what this record is about and where we are as a band, like an open canvas with few ties to normal routines when recording and writing”.

Calexico weave a multitude of sounds and influences throughout the record, ranging from alt-country, traditional latin, and even middle eastern at some points. But you don’t need to be a world music aficionado to enjoy this album – these songs are anchored in strong alternative roots. Just like the name Calexico, Edge of the Sun goes beyond simply crossing borders, it meshes them together.

We’re lucky to be able to share this album in advance with you. Take a listen now to the advance live stream of Edge of the Sun below, or wait until it’s release on April 14th.