After Roxodus gets cancelled, several ticket holders host their own mini ‘Roxobust’ festival

They made light of Ontario's failed festival

After Ontario music festival Roxodus got cancelled, a handful of ticket holders made the best of the situation by holding their own mini “Roxobust” festival at Hangar restaurant at the Edenvale Airport.

Roxodus, which was set to be a four-day long event in Clearview Township, ON, was supposed to feature artists like Aerosmith, Kid Rock, and Nickelback. After the disappointing cancellation, a Facebook group hosted their own makeup festival.

“I knew everybody was going to be bummed out Thursday night, sitting at home or at a hotel room or campsite they had booked and knowing the concert would have gotten underway, so I figured why not try to turn this around and put a positive spin on it,” Melissa Haskeet, who paid $555 for tickets to the event, explained to BarrieToday. “We might as well all get together at the Hangar, have some drinks and food and make the best of a bad situation. You also never know, we could be back here annually with a big Roxobust music festival.”

While only about 40 people headed to the event, Roxobust highlighted local band BootLegged, who performed some classic rock tracks for the audience.
Lead photo courtesy of Jessica McClintock on Twitter.