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Airbnb Launches Host ‘Guidebooks’ So You Can Live Like A Local

Airbnb wants to make travelling an even more intriguing experience for its users. The company is now using their housing hosts as local experts, asking them to create guide books that give travelers insider tips right on the app.

Their marketing campaign uses the phrase, “Live There”, to send the message to users they can experience a place like a local would. This also means finding activities that avoid long lines and fighting with crowds to get the best photo.

Airbnb is focusing on the knowledge of its hosts by creating “Guidebooks” to provide to visitors that showcase the best that their neighbourhood has to offer. In addition to local tips, Airbnb now offers a unique experience by providing a new search engine to make rental suggestions more personalized.

Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said, “The number one reason people choose to travel on Airbnb is they want to live like a local.” Of course, cheaper prices are always attractive to travelers, but there is truly something satisfying about staying somewhere other than a cookie-cutter hotel room.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see the Eiffel Tower if you are in Paris, but maybe you could try out that amazing cafe that only locals know about?

Check out Airbnb’s full trailer in the video player above.

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