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Ever Seen An Albino Peacock? They’re Very Rare & Truly Stunning

The Albino Peacock Is Somehow More Stunning Than Its Coloured Counterparts

In the ongoing obsession with monochrome and light filters, the obsession with the albino peacock is totally understandable. After all, look at this stunning bird!

Peacocks are also known as peafowl, although for some reason it doesn’t sound quite so… cocky. And these birds are cocky. After all, peacocks are one of the most decorative birds on the planet.

The white peafowl, a.k.a. the albino peacock has a captivating bleached aesthetic, completely lacking the colours of a regular peacock. Because of this, they are very popular for high-budget weddings and celebrations.

In other words: They’re a favourite wedding accessory of the well-known Bridezilla, who will pay many dollars to have one in their special-day-photos.

What Causes A Peacock To Have White Feathers?

white peacock
Image: @ysalinecorroyer on Instagram

Albino peacocks aren’t actually albino. Albinism is a specific condition that also comes with red eyes and extremely pale skin. True albinism in peafowl is rare and largely un-researched.

Most white peafowl have normal-coloured eyes and regular pigment to their skin. The feathers are white because of a genetic mutation called leucism. This altered gene inhibits melanin from being deposited into their feathers, making them a striking white colour. This further makes them even more beautiful than their colourful relatives.

How Rare Are White Peacocks?

white peacock
Image: @fashiontextilegallery on Instagram

White peacocks, known to the ‘layperson’ as albino peacocks, are incredibly rare. If two white peacocks mate, the condition of leucism will be passed onto the babies.

However, if two peacocks of traditional colouration make a baby, the odds of this offspring being leucistic are just one in four. While this still seems like a pretty high number, keep in mind that the white peacock is really only bred in captivity.

How rare are white peacocks? The genetic condition of leucism is very rare and that’s why they charge so much for white peacocks at an event.

Why Are Peacocks So Colourful Usually?

white peacock
Image: @trinnas89 on Instagram

The blue that dominates a traditionally-coloured peacock’s aesthetic is also quite rare. In fact, blue in animals altogether is rare.

But did you know that they call these birds peacocks because the male is gifted with bright, colourful feathers to attract females during the mating season? The female is formally known as a peahen.

You can determine the amount of colours in the peacocks extravagant feathers by the type and amount of pigment present. Genetics, of course, play a key role in this decision.

So basically, if you have bright, colourful parents, the baby will likely exhibit similar colouring.

Does A Lack Of Colours Affect An Albino Peacock?

white peacock
Image: @eastcoastnatureworld on Instagram

A leucism peacock is not as attractive to females because of his lack of colour. Because of this, it can affect his ability to mate and procreate.

So, unless you put a white peacock into a prime scenario in captivity for breeding purposes, he is unlikely to get much action in the wild due to his whiteness.

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