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Day Trip To Albion Falls For An Enchanted Forest Getaway

The Majestic Toronto Getaway That Is Albion Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls in Hamilton, Albion Falls is a must-see, magical destination that’s about an hour-and-a-half outside of Toronto.

Technically classified as a “cascade” because it descends a series of rock steps, the water falls over the Niagara Escarpment, and is nearly as wide as it is tall (18m x 19m). You can see it from two different viewing platforms, which the City of Hamilton generously installed for locals and tourists to catch the most rewarding views.

The rocks forming the base of the waterfall were used to construct the city’s iconic rock garden. Albion Falls really is one of the must-see locations in Albion Park, Ontario.

What To Expect On Albion’s Moderate Trail

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Image: @mickeymouse71 on Instagram

Loop Type Trail

The trail you’ll find in Albion Park Ontario is leisurely and a great way to take in all the views of the surrounding nature. It’s only about 3.7km long, and forms a loop for easy navigation.

The trail is moderately challenging, which makes it accessible for energetic kids as well as people who are not super fit. You can always just take your time.

There are also a couple of viewing platforms constructed by the city where you can view the beautiful falls.

Less Than An Hour Hour Estimated Lap Time

It takes an average of about 55 minutes to walk this trail. One of the beautiful things about Albion Falls trail is that you can see so many different birds, and occasionally some wildlife if you take your time.

You can also snowshoe along the trail in the winter, and bring your dog! As long as your four-legged friend is on a leash, you’re good to go.

Free Parking Availability

The Albion Falls parking lot fills up fast during busy times.

Your best bet is to go on the “off days”, which are basically most days outside of the weekend and holidays. The lot also tends to fill up during spring and summer when the weather is really nice. If you’re planning on going on a day when it’ll likely be busy, make sure to arrive early.

Also, pro tip: Even if the lot is full, make sure you don’t park on the grass. People have gotten parking tickets for this faux pas, so just know that it’s not taken lightly.

Why Albion Falls Should Be On Everyone’s Day Trip List

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A Quick History Lesson On Albion Falls

Once considered as a possible water supply source for Hamilton, the land on which Albion Falls flows used to be known as Albion Mills.

Albion Mills was founded as a small settlement and an important community during the nineteenth century. The area featured taverns, a church, a grist mill, blacksmith shops, and even a general store.

Who knew it would eventually become a tourist destination and base for a beautiful hike just outside Toronto?

Albion Falls Haunted Tales

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While Albion Falls is stunning and some even may say sacred, there’s also a creepy history that we can’t ignore.

In September of 1915, a woman named Jane Riley was on the receiving end of rejection from her boyfriend. Heartbroken and hopeless, she jumped off the top of Albion Falls. Her life ended in the rocky ravine under the waterfall, the site which has come to be known as “Lover’s Leap”.

Sadly, the location was marked by another tragedy during the 1940s. A truck driving along the road lost its way and crashed into the valley below. A young girl had been playing in its path, and was killed in the tragic incident.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, infamous murderess Evelyn Dick disposed of her husband’s headless body in the forest of Albion Park in 1946.

Is Albion Falls haunted? Good chance! But they’re probably peaceful ghosts, so don’t let that stop you from visiting this unreal waterfall.

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