Album Premiere: Yardlets ‘Good Hangs’

New tunes from the Yardlets to brighten your day

Looking to freshen up your music library? You came to the right spot. Montreal duo Yardlets are gearing up to release their sophomore record Good Hangs on May 12, but they’re letting us stream it for you right here a full week before it drops.

Who are the Yardlets? The band consists of Sam Goldberg (Uncut/Broken Social Scene/Hawaii) and Jeff Edwards (Shot While Hunting). They have one other album to their name, but this time around the band spent a lot more time during the recording process. The Yardlets wanted to capture what the villains in Mad Max and the replicants of Blade Runner would sound like if they started a band, and then threw a dash of 80s gated reverb on everything.

Take a listen for yourself below: